About Us

we welcome you to come take part in our journey that began as a dream and a market stall

We offer

Our menu offers our customers all of the versatility, flavors, and meal types that anyone could ask for; no matter what time of day it is. We offer juices and smoothies for those on thego, as well as fully prepared meals for those seeking a healthy lunch of a filling dinner. We haveall of our ‘bases’ covered with our full service menu–we even offer meal prep for those who want to take the SoFresh mentality home!


Every meal & drink on our menu has the calorie, fat, carbs & protein content.


Highest quality ingredients in our menu items.


Most of our menu is HMC certified.

About So Fresh

SoFresh was first established in December of 2018 by our ambitious founder, Pamela. As a former star basketball player for the England u16 junior team, being an athlete really inspired her to eat healthier and focus on what she was putting into her body. It was then that she discovered that juicing helped her get the energy and nutrients she needed to bring her game’ to peak performance.

Pamela had a vision to bring highly nutritious foods to the people of her community; and to aid in helping boost the overall health and wellness of her customers and friends. She did this by providing delicious, nutrient dense fresh foods, juices, and smoothies. That vision and drive quickly caught fire, and SoFresh has become what it is today.

We at SoFresh still hold the original dream of Pamela near and dear to our hearts. We believe in providing super healthy, and super delicious foods to each and every guest who walks through our door. Our process involves the use of very little oil, and baking or steaming all of our prepared dishes to maximize flavor, but minimize fat. This creates a full flavor profile meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, and full, without any of the guilt usually associated with eating out!