Having your event catered for is one quick way to make sure that guests are certain to show up. Who doesn’t love food, right?! Event catering is one area of expertise that we at Sofresh pride ourselves in. We work hard so that way you can focus on all of the ins and outs of your event, without having to concern yourself with the food aspect. One of the first things many guests of an event notice, is the quality of the catering. If the food does not look appetizing, or appears like no effort was put into it, it can be a huge put off. Just like you would never want to serve guests at your home unhealthy or unappetizing food, you wouldn’t want to do the same to your event guests. That is why we at Sofresh decided that we wanted to offer the people of our community the option to have high quality, healthy, and delicious food for their small events.

Here’s What We Offer.

We specialize in catering for small-medium sized events, and can handle serving between 50-200 people. This makes our services ideal for wedding parties, corporate events, birthday parties, church events, and more! We guarantee that your guests will be thrilled to see our delicious, enticing, and healthy all natural meal options that we bring to your event.

Our catering events are as much an experience, as they are a dining delight. Our fully staffed team will work closely with your event coordinators to make sure that we are meeting the needs of your guests, and event to a ‘T’. Our expert caterers perform live juicing, smoothie making, and even give guests the chance to choose exactly what they would like to eat off of our diverse and delicious party menu. We do all of the work, so all you have to do is sit back, relx, and enjoy the meal.

In addition, we can also offer you pre-made fruit platters, fruit salads, and light healthy snacks if your event is interested in something more ‘low-key’ for their guests. The choice is yours, and we at SoFresh are excited to work alongside you to make sure that you get exactly what it is that you are looking for in order to make your event stand out.



Our goal has always been to offer our clients a healthy alternative to the unhealthy catering options that are so common these days. We also aim to break the stigma that healthy and natural foods have to be bland, boring, and expensive. We offer hand crafted menu items that are not only delicious and filling, but are cost effective as well. Your guests will be filled, and satisfied; and your wallet won’t be drained!

So, let us at Sofresh handle the food at your next event. We promise that your event will stand out in the minds of your guests when they remember the meal they had served by Sofresh’s event catering team.